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Need help generating .reg from dump

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Need help generating .reg from dump Empty Need help generating .reg from dump

Post by djablo on Fri Apr 07, 2017 4:42 am

Hello, I own the software and the HASP Key, I simply want to make a backup because the dongle does not look good anymore and i am afraid it will stop working soon. 

I have followed couple of tutorials but without success.

The log file is:

Sentinel SRM/HASP/HL Dumper v.1.3 c (public)
build on (10:21:19 May  3 2015)

Found: Aladdin USB Key (0)
And trying to read it...

Success to open device...
Key Type: 0xFA
Vendor ID: 79034 (000134BA)
Hasp key ID: 1481856357 (58535565)
FW Revision: 3.25
HW Revision: 6.2.0
Dongle Form: 131 (83)

Dumping, please wait ...
RW memory size: 4032 (0FC0) (6)
RO memory size: 2048 (0800) (7)
Feature number: 11 (000B) | 3 (0003)
Read sysinfo: OK (code 00), (status 0)
Read RW memory: OK (status 0)
Read RO memory: OK (status 0)

Saved Dump_FA_79034_0.dmp

Is emulation via multikey even possible for this type of key?

Thanks for any help.

If needed I will supply more info and .reg privately.


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Need help generating .reg from dump Empty Re: Need help generating .reg from dump

Post by ovis25 on Fri Apr 07, 2017 11:43 am

No it isn't. No public solutions.

see tutorial, contact us if want to.


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