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Safenet Sentinel HL Max Emulator

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Safenet Sentinel HL Max Emulator Empty Safenet Sentinel HL Max Emulator

Post by WilfredSimon on Wed Sep 20, 2017 1:29 pm

Hello everyone,

I hope this is the right place to post, but I need help with the following.

Dongle: Safenet Sentinel HL Max
Version: 4.27
Key Hardware Version: 7.2

What I need:
A working emulator for Windows i386 and x64

What I have:
The dongle (Ofcourse) and the Hasp Password (Used VID tool to extract it from memory dumps. Not sure if it is the right one, no way to test that but the vendor ID matches the hasp_windows_12345.dll filename)
I also have the USBTrace logs.

I don't seem to be able to DUMP the actual dongle. The Sentinel HL Hasp Dumper v1.3c x64 outputs:

Backup HASP SRM:

And the Hasp4/HL setting: (Removed password)
Dumping Password: xxxx xxxx
Dumping with legacy API...
IsHasp:         OK (status 0)
GetHaspStatus:    OK (status 0)
API version:    8.10
Port number:    0000 (0)
GetHaspStatus:    FAIL (status 0)
The requested HASP key was not found!!!
Dumping aborted!!!

I'm willing to pay for a working emulator, as long as the software name and version are not openly visible to others. (It's a small market, easily tracable back to me)

New to the dongle emulator scene but am a quick learner.

Thanks everyone,


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Safenet Sentinel HL Max Emulator Empty Re: Safenet Sentinel HL Max Emulator

Post by ovis25 on Thu Sep 21, 2017 10:55 pm

Sentinel HL 4.27 HID compatible emulator is possible, done already some with my own tools, but sometimes very hard to do. If apponchip is used since this can be used with Sentinel HL HID dongles you can forget it. Also there aren't none public free solutions. So you need contact persons with reputation here and ask them or learn and do by your self, no other ways that I can see now. Beware cheaters all around, don't share anything in public and talk only to persons with + reputation in any forums.


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