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Hasp Hl Tutorial basic

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Hasp Hl Tutorial basic Empty Hasp Hl Tutorial basic

Post by ovis25 on Tue Mar 10, 2015 4:15 pm

It contains basic steps for backup Aladdin HL - not SRM - newer or HASP4(3) - very old.
First u need to find HL pass with VidTools from RENGTEAM - free or Hasploger V1.71 ( winxp , 7 , 32 bit only ).
Logs for Aladdin HL need to be made with HOT PLUGIN that means that u start monitoring soft before u insert dongle in usb port.
1.Step1 - Hasploger V1.71 get Aladdin HL pass for dumping.
2.Step2 - H5dmp V1.41 - dumper for Hl part with provided HL pass 0x1234 0xABCD format.
You can find newer dumper version for Hl part from RENGTEAM , NODONGLE etc.
3.Step3 - Hasphl_multikey - covert dongle dump multikey emulator format.
4.Step4 - Mk_18.2.4 x32 - emulate with free solution and public.
5.Step6a - Petools - if needed in some cases exe, dll from target are enveloped with Aladdin HL 1.x and emulation is only possible by Q-A tables because algo keys are unknown. 
To do this we need to start soft with dongle and dump to disk all exe , dll etc used by soft.
6.Step6b - Hexedit - used to extract Q-A tables manual from dumped exe, dll.
This can be made with Qaextractor from RENGTEAM - free tool and added to emulator see details in pdf.
7. Step6c - Logstotables used to decode logs made by Hasploger V1.71 very useful tool.
Note from my experience Hasploger V1.71 is best logger for Aladdin HL keys.

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Hasp Hl Tutorial basic Empty Re: Hasp Hl Tutorial basic

Post by prestige on Mon Aug 13, 2018 12:23 pm

The first Step contains an uncompleted hasploger folder.
In my case, Windows XP SP3 requires to install "vcredist_x86.exe" in another case i got an error.


P.S. thx ovis25


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